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Perfect Media Experience: ABC15 Sonoran Living

The Perfect Media Experience

Terri Ouelette and Mamiko Odegard: ABC15 Sonoran Living (Live shots)

Connecting with the Media is an interesting and necessary part of business success. On occasion, an opportunity comes along that goes beyond expanding your visibility.  You quickly recognize it as something that deeply touches your heart. You go away feeling you’ve just had the perfect media experience!

Media connections are not always easy to make, thus a big thank you is being offered to co-hosts Terri Ouellette and Susan Carter, and the whole team at ABC15 Sonoran Living. This collective proved to be a dream team to work with: professional and warm, easily setting guests at ease, and it was obvious they personally wanted each guest to shine. Meeting Terri and Susan was like talking to old friends. I found them truly EXTRAordinary in the way they interview each guest, bring out what is unique – and – keep the show fun and sizzling.

Behind the Scenes

Live shot of ABC15 Sonoran Living

The ABC15 Sonoran Living experience was a marvel, where I watched a fine-tuned team of professionals work together and quickly record a live show. I found it amazing… just how quickly these two dynamic women moved from set to set… able to focus their complete attention on the next guest or episode. The behind-the-scene-action and getting filmed is a thrilling adventure to be experienced.

What a way to start 2018 by being on a premier live show! I hope your time comes to “share the spotlight.” When that time comes, work for a relationship with a media expert of whom you are a fan!  Knowing their responsibilities, sources, and following makes you a better guest. You understand their passion for bridging the gap between their audience and the experts who have important messages that provide transformation, impact, and influence. It is this point of congruence you will find your perfect media experience.