About Dr. Mamiko

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Dr. Mamiko Odegard doesn’t just understand love; she understands how to create powerful relationships in ALL areas of life, using her proprietary YOU3™concept. Drawing on over 30 years of professional experience as a coach, psychologist, individual and couples therapist, and seminar leader, Mamiko teaches you how to transform every relationship you have, including the one with yourself, through simple, doable actions. She shares an empowering message of hope, love, acceptance, strength, ultimate communication and your own peak performance… quickly and permanently enhancing your personal and professional life by creating the best version of yourself and improving all relationships. Mamiko believes, you were meant to be EXTRAordinary and to feel and believe your uniqueness to propel you to accomplish great feats personally and in your career.

Mamiko immigrated to the United States from Japan when she was seven years old. She experienced shame with a deep sense of inferiority and feeling different due to her appearance, her Asian background, and being unable to speak or write English. She learned ways to accept and love herself as well as quickly establishing and retaining close friendships which is why Mamiko is so passionate about each person developing their best self and experiencing mutually unconditional, loving relationships with others.


Mamiko is married to Greg, the love of her life, for over 40 years. Through the years, they have enjoyed a vibrant passionate marriage and a happy, loving relationship with their daughter, Mariesa. Their loving marriage landed them on the Dr. Laura Berman Show, Oprah Production, as the “Couple of the Week.” Feeling so blessed and overjoyed to have Greg’s love and to be in love, Mamiko wanted everyone to experience the ultimate feeling of being loved and being in love. Mamiko’s love and honoring of Greg, led her to write her very personal best selling book, Daily Affirmations for Love: 365 Days of Love in Thought and Action. Now the world can enjoy love by bringing alive the thoughts, feelings, and actions described in the book. Yes, love is a verb, to be demonstrated daily in a multitude of ways…And now it’s time for you to ACT on Love™ to create your best self and your ultimate life!

“Keep love in your heart. The consciousness of loving and being loved brings a warmth and a richness to life that nothing else can bring.” ~ Oscar Wilde

Endorsement by Joe Theismann
World Champion and NFL – MVP

“Dr. Mamiko Odegard is a top coach and international best selling author whose caring, love, and respect for all is clearly evident. She gives you quick life-changing insights and proven strategies to become your best self to gain the success, happiness, and love you desire.”


“Every moment, small gesture, and awareness becomes a gift. Dr. Odegard designed a collection of daily thoughts to reflect upon and open our hearts throughout the year. She has captured a slice of humanity with her thoughtful and loving approach to each day. Dr. Odegard clearly has a keen eye for the simple pleasures in life. Each page is filled with gentle, funny, and at times, profound insights. This is a must read for every person who is passionate about their personal journey into relationships. Dr. Odegard challenges us to stop… reflect… and smile… as we live each day to the fullest. This little book will bring joy to your heart and those you love.”

~ Jessica Browne, Actress  Murder She Wrote