VIP Multi-Day Coaching Retreat (48 hour intensive)

VIP Intensive Retreat and 48 Hour Makeover:

This program is designed for individuals and couples who are experiencing a crisis in their lives and desire quick and intensive assistance to work through challenges. It is helpful for couples who discover and are going through the effects of an affair, confused about whether to stay or leave a relationship, or simply want to dramatically increase the love, caring, intensity, intimacy, communication, and connectedness in their marriage or romantic situation. The VIP Intensive Retreat is also the perfect vehicle for individuals who have been “dumped,” separated, or divorced or those who are suffering from feelings of unworthiness and lowered confidence, or unsure about how to attract or keep a lover. Those individuals who desire ways to experience peak performance through work, play, or creative pursuits are also ideal coaching clients for this program. It really is possible to have a “love makeover” to heal yourself or your save marriage in 2-3 days!

The VIP Intensive Retreat can take place in a one or multi-day format at an exclusive 5 Star resort, the individual’s or couple’s private residence, or at Mamiko’s luxurious and peaceful home. All gourmet meals are served in or around top resorts or catered to facilitate the tranquil or energetic mood for growth and transformation. You have Mamiko’s complete attention with her intention to rapidly let go and heal with new levels of awareness, tools, and strategies for success.

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