VIP Concierge Program

VIP Concierge Program – Your MVP Coaching:

Do you ever dream of having the maximum level of attention and interaction with Mamiko? Now this is possible through her MVP Coaching program designed to:

  • Be Mamiko’s highest priority client with greatest access;

  • Provide up to eight (8) hours monthly of coaching for one full year;

  • Up to two 2-Day VIP Intensive Retreats;

  • Mamiko can come to your residence, office, or “playing field.” Mamiko has met her clients out of state and even accompanied some of her clients on golf courses.

Why MVP Coaching? MVP (Most Valuable Person) coaching clients quickly attain understanding and clarity while learning new ideas and skills. They can then immediately use these new strategies and continue to gain real time feedback and suggestions to accelerate and hone their skills. With steady growth – love, relationships, and performance levels are all enhanced and fine tuned, becoming more natural and allowing the client to vastly improve and maintain desired behaviors and outcomes. The relationships they build with themselves, their loved ones, friends, teammates, and Mamiko are deep, trusting, and foundational for a lifetime of valued bonding. The VIP Concierge Program is priceless – You are worth the investment in your present and future to have all that you dream of! You truly become your own MVP!

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