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Women of Scottsdale

I can already feel the million dollars coming to me! Lots of fun seeing all the creative hats and enjoying the friendship of these great women at the monthly Women of Scottsdale.

Media: 90.3 WHPC Bill Horan talks with Dr Mamiko Odegard

Bill Horan talks with Dr. Mamiko Odegard, author of OVERCOMING SELF SABOTAGE, in a lively discussion about how all change begins with awareness and how low self-esteem drains passion, faith and confidence. I was honored to be a guest on “Secrets of Success” – and am a huge fan of this non-commercial, educational radio at The Voice … Continue reading Media: 90.3 WHPC Bill Horan talks with Dr Mamiko Odegard

USA TODAY: Don’t File Those Papers Just Yet

Earlier this year I was asked by a major media presence to submit an article for its publication.  I am proud to share that with you now… Don’t Fie Those Papers Just Yet NOW that the holidays are behind us, many look with anticipation toward the promise of the new year and what it may … Continue reading USA TODAY: Don’t File Those Papers Just Yet