Group Coaching

Group coaching is offered four times per year lasting from 5-7 weeks. Programs such as Mamiko’s spirited and fun Manthology 101 and Womanthology 101 Courses (designed to get more love, attention, and respect from your man or woman) or 365 Days of Love – Love to Last a Lifetime include 90 minutes of information and questions and answers to focus on your specific needs and goals to jumpstart your love and keep it growing with passion, tenderness, thoughtfulness, intimacy, and fun. All sessions are recorded and available for playback to reinforce learning and adoption of new techniques as well as ACTivity sheets to facilitate awareness and growth.

Don’t wait any longer to experience the greatness in you and to enjoy the changes you’ve dreamed of in life, love, relationships, and success. ACT on Love now and contact Mamiko for your complimentary individual or couple consultation.

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