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Success Template – Embrace Your Mistakes

Have you ever considered what it would be like to be EXTRA-ordinary, but feel you aren’t quite there as you look around and notice people in your job, in your business, and even in your personal life who seem to quickly excel – where you do not? These are people that seem to be on the fast track regardless of the goals they establish. Would you like to know the secret to their success? It’s taking risks and allowing yourself to fail.

Yes, that right! The secret to getting what you want out of life in the quickest way possible means you have to fail. Not only do you have to fail, but it’s crucial to do it often and quickly. It’s the fastest way to gain feedback about ways to align your thinking and improve your skills, strategies, and techniques.

Mistakes Are Your Friend

Being a perfectionist and efforts to avoid making mistakes, will only slow down your progress and promote self-criticism. Rather than allowing fear and anxiety to sabotage your success, be bold with calculated risks, and experience something new. The lack of failure, means that you are complacent and following the tried and predictable safe route. Making mistakes isn’t failing. Instead consciously praise yourself for your courage to “rock the boat” and tinker your way to exploring what truly works.

Thomas Edison’s quote may inspire you –

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Messages Within Mistakes

What are your mistake telling you? Mistakes are a way of letting you know that there’s a better way of handling life’s puzzles. Instead of berating yourself, use this moment to embrace the person that you are. The art of Conscious Loving™ helps you to affirm yourself even when you believe you’ve fallen or haven’t done your best. You are perfectly imperfect in the things you say and do…the challenge is to have the capacity to improve and to believe that through every mistake you grow in wisdom and as a person with greater character.

 An Opportunity To Start Over

Mistakes also provide you an opportunity to identify the “rules” you carry, and identify any unrealistic or harsh expectations of what you must or should do. Sometimes the rules and beliefs that helped you blend in with your family do not serve you well now. It’s time to reboot and create a new operating system for yourself that is compatible with the gentle nurturing approach that leads to a new improved you. As the old Clairol commercial would remind you – “because you’re worth it!” There is nothing sweeter than making a mistake and being able to accept and love yourself to success.

Here is to you learning to be EXTRA-ordinary!

Mamiko Odegard, PhD