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Inventory for Optimal Life Performance in Relationships, Love, and Career

Daily Affirmations for Love can be used daily to recognize, remember, and celebrate the love and warmth toward a special someone in your life. Daily Affirmations for Love is not just about romance! To truly succeed in all areas of business and life, you must also develop and maintain life-long quality relationships with those with whom you do business, the people who know you intimately, and the family and close friends who support you with encouragement and affection. The critical message throughout this book is… without quality relationships, you seriously limit what can be accomplished by: – relying too much on your own creative energies, – getting massive amounts of work done – alone, – unknowingly repeating past errors, and – being unable to really see how you are actually blocking your own personal and professional growth.

It is the author’s hope that this book will be shared with others. These expressions of love through verbal communication and acts of kindness can be shared with lovers, parents, children, and friends. Dear readers, I hope that you can all experience the closeness, romance, passion, joys, peace, and dreams that are possible in all relationships. Although you will find year-long meditations for each day, you may begin anytime or anywhere in the book. It is not a workbook but rather a collection of daily affirmations to promote love. It can be used to increase the awareness of the gifts and possibilities open to us all in every loving relationship.

Whether you read it as a couple or individually, have fun doing the suggested activity for the day. Many of the activities can be modified to do with a partner or they can be done alone. Simply open to any page and begin. There are ideas for small and large actions, and changes in perspective that you can use daily to show your love. Thoughtful gestures and words can quickly enhance the dynamics of a relationship. At the end of the day, when you get through working… who is there to comfort you, to listen to you, an to provide you that sense of balance that allows you to continue to perform at your very best? Though practical steps, Dr. Odegard guides you to a new and heightened awareness, and provides tools to help you connect with others in life… with depth and love.