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NFLPA Former Players Convention 2017 / Scottsdale AZ

Some might have called this a media-fest, but what I experienced left me in awe, and thinking, What an incredible convention! The event? NFLPA Former Players Convention 2017Imagine the collective of former players, who believe, “We are “One Team”, built around a fraternity of former NFL Players who are aligned, connected and engaged, working together in life beyond football” who met March 17-21 at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Gainey Ranch in Scottsdale, Arizona. And guess who was there with amazing sports figures who took time out to reunite and network with teammates, hear from exciting guest speakers, participate in sports skills competitions for prizes, there was a never-ending feast. Between you and me, I was in good company with my appetite. Haha! And we all enjoyed myriad social events? All of this fun and developing powerful partnerships – life can’t get much better than this.

I was privileged to be in attendance when the 2017 Convention Speaker John Amos gave an awesome and funny keynote address to the attendees! He spoke about the poem he wrote called “The Turk” which was penned upon his being cut from the Kansas City Chiefs.

The organization, based in the District of Columbia,  develops and communicates the valuable programs and resources available to over 18,000 former NFL players.

Wade Manning

As I continue to focus on bringing others to being Irresistible Invincible and Iconic, I was blessed with the distinct honor to be among people who were outstanding in their field, yet remain the “salt of the earth” kind of individuals who continue to positively impact the world.

Imagine my delight… visiting with Wade Manning, President of the Denver NFL chapter and on our golf foursome team… or having “photo moments” with speaker, Anthony Brinkley!

Anthony Brinkley
John Booty

Another great connection was a former player and now TV sports commentator and analyst, John Booty.  

It was difficult to not feel “dwarfed” by these NFL Greats… not so much by their size, but by the size of their hearts – such as Big Al Chelsey who gives so much to the world as a speaker and advocate for preventing sexual abuse against

Isiah Robertson,

Oh!  And how about legendary Isiah Robertson, Hall of Famer with six pro bowl appearances, Nfl defensive rookie of the year in 1971, and founder of The House of Isaiah, a long-term drug and alcohol recovery program for boys and men?


PACC Pro Network

Certified Elite PACC MemberWhen it comes to building powerful partnerships, I am so honored to be an Elite Member of an organization whose mission states:

… our focus isn’t just on the initial connection, but on helping everyone see success all the way through! Understanding “What’s most important to you?”, helps us to ensure constant value for our members and your need for the PACC Pro Network.

Our model is very simple; Connect, Collaborate, Communicate:


Our mission at PACC Pro Network is to connect like-minded professionals in a trusted and secure environment.


Our high-level network and networking strategies, allow members to collaborate on products, services, educational and business opportunities to accelerate their business relationships needs.


Constant communication is key as a member of the PACC Pro Network. It enhances the growth of business relationships, which ultimately enhances business affairs.

Arizona Asian/Pacific American Women Giving Circle

Arizona Asian Pacific American Women Giving Circle Being a part of a community helps one expand beyond self; loving becomes bigger, more visible and more fulfilling. Sometimes being philanthropic provides us a larger view of life around us; I have found that in the Arizona Asian/Pacific American Women Giving Circle (AAPAW).

The purpose of  (AAPAW) is to support and empower Asian Pacific women and girls in Arizona and enhance their outcomes in the areas of socio-emotional and physical health, economics and education. The Giving Circle is hosted by the Arizona Community Foundation.