~ Giles Smith, Olympic Competitive Swimmer, Gold Medalist Pan American Games, and 15-Time All American

Dr. Mamiko Odegard is assisting with my preparation leading to the 2020 Olympic Trials and Olympic Games. She has a wealth of experience in providing world-class service and has aided my performances in the pool by helping me sharpen my focus and mental toughness. In a few short months of working with Dr. Mamiko, I’ve moved from #7 nationally, and now rank #2 nationally and #10 in the world in the butterfly. I am ecstatic of these results in such a fast, competitive sport.

Nick Hannah, Former NFL Player and
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

“Dr. Mamiko Odegard has changed my life with mental strategies that elevate my performance and deepen relationships to achieve even more. She’s the perfect coach!” ~ Nick Hannah

“We communicated in a way we never had before, and learned new information, despite over 10 years together. Mamiko’s guidance, encouragement, caring, exercises, and activities were absolutely perfect. The VIP Experience is priceless. We are so excited about our future together!”

A G. Scottsdale, AZ

“If you’re ready to experience more love, joy and happiness then learn from my friend Dr. Mamiko Odegard!”

James Malinchak
featured on ABCs Hit TV Show, “Secret Millionaire”
Author of the top-selling Book, Millionaire Success Secrets
Founder, www.BigMoneySpeaker.com

“After years of searching for answers, Dr. Mamiko brought a practical and methodical resolution that opened up years of challenged communication in my marriage.”

“She is strategic, compassionate, dedicated, committed and highly successful in her work. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking to improve their relationships, needing breakthrough in their life, or just needs to gain guidance in their ways of life. Dr. Mamiko will offer you the tools needed for success!!!!!!”

Shelley D – Couples Coaching

“I am simply amazed at the transformation that occurred in two and a half days with Dr. Mamiko.”

“Coming into the weekend, I was filled with fear and anxiety about the future. I now have hope and the tools to find a better place with my life and my relationship with my wife. Dr. Mamiko has opened up a whole new world for me!”

Neil N – Couples Coaching

“Dr. Mamiko gave us our marriage back.”

“This was the most incredible experience we’ve ever had! We came to this retreat not knowing if we were going to stay or leave our marriage. We went through every emotion from anger, sadness to hope, joy, and finally love and recommitment to each other. Dr. Mamiko gave us our marriage back as we rediscovered our love for each other. We can’t thank her enough!”

Christina & Ed M – Couples Retreat

“I would highly recommend this investment in yourself!”

“This was a terrific group of successful singes that Dr. Odegard guided through the difficult stages of meeting people in the 21st century. She provided great ideas and skills I could use immediately.”

MEK, Singles Group Coaching Participant

“Mamiko’s expertise is more than clinical; it’s authentic, caring, artistic, and flows from a deeper source.

Her gift to heal the broken-hearted has been a blessing to me and my family. She has a spiritual gift from above that is rare. Her gentle nature and quiet strength has helped me through a great fog that is now a distant memory. I have no doubt that Divine intervention facilitated our paths meeting.”

Paul Hampsch, Author “A Family of Choice”

“The Manthology 101 course was OUTSTANDING!”

“I could have listened to Mamiko all day long! She has a way of presenting information in an exciting, relevant, and conversational manner that makes it extremely relatable and understandable.

As a single woman, everything she said was relevant and I could apply it to every long term relationship I’ve ever had, as well as file away in my mind about what to do and what NOT to do when I am eventually married. This will be invaluable to me.”

Karly H, Manthology Course Graduate

“I highly recommend Dr. Mamiko to anyone!”

“Dr. Mamiko Odegard’s singles coaching group was very insightful. She was able to bring out our strengths and elaborate on overcoming our weaknesses. I highly recommend her to anyone.“

Singles Group Coaching Participant

“We can’t thank Mamiko enough for saving our marriage.”

“We both got so much out of our 2 day VIP Couples retreat! We are now on the path to healing. And it happened so much more quickly than if we had gone through traditional therapy once or twice a week.

When we started this process, I definitely felt that my husband wasn’t hearing what I was saying, even after 41 years of marriage! The exercises Dr. Mamiko took us through changed all that.

I would agree. The communication skills I learned through Dr. Mamiko allowed me to be totally open and honest. I was finally able to truly understand my wife’s feelings and communicate to her that I “get” her emotions.

We are now making a conscious effort to show love for one another instead of assuming the other person knows we love them.

Two days which were emotional, draining and so rewarding! We wouldn’t change a thing – it set a strong foundation in place to restore our marriage, and rebuild our trust and love for each other. We can’t thank Mamiko enough for saving our marriage and giving us the tools. We thank God we met Mamiko, she was truly a blessing.”

Couple Recovering from an Affair

“I haven’t met too many people like Mamiko who actually care about people wholeheartedly.”

Mamiko pushed me to get to the heart of what mattered and throw away the rest. I got rid of old habits and ideas that were hurting me and limiting my potential.

Her thoughtfulness and insight have been a lifesaver for me. I now look forward to what’s ahead in my life knowing I have better resources to make the impossible possible. Thank you Dr. Odegard!”

Bette D, Private Client

by Joe Theismann

World Champion & NFL MVP

“Dr. Mamiko Odegard is a top coach and international best selling author whose caring, love, and respect for all is clearly evident. She gives you quick life-changing insights and proven strategies to become your best self to gain the success, happiness, and love you desire.”