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How a 48-Hour Makeover Can Diminish Feeling Sad

Are You Feeling Sad? Can the empowerment found in a 48-Hour Makeover change that for you?

It is natural to feel a sense of being blue or sad. These feelings are often triggered by events such as being disappointed you weren’t able to successfully close a contract on which you worked so diligently for weeks. The sadness can be compounded because you are aware it caused you to take out your frustration as you yelled at your children and mate. Sometimes, it might seem that no matter what you do, you end up taking two steps back.

It is also natural to have moments in your day when you might feel sad or experience anguish over an outcome that failed to meet your expectations. Unfortunately, life has a way of hurtling challenges at you in clusters.

We refer to these feelings as situational sadness, recognized in life challenges such as moving, separation, starting a new job, difficulty with co-workers, fear of downsizing, or not getting recognized for your efforts. Each can trigger feelings of sadness. When you begin to feel your life is out of control, it is natural to add another level… that of feeling stuck. When you reach this level, you would be wise to consider a 48-Hour Makeover- a highly focused consultation where the magic happens!

Why? Because… when you experience additional layers of sadness, you are at risk of experiencing depression, a more prolonged and more pervasive feeling of being “down,” where you might exhibit symptoms such as:

  • Becoming more stressed
  • Feeling stuck
  • Losing hope
  • Seeing the glass half empty
  • Feeling powerless and overwhelmed
  • Have difficulty making decisions and problems with concentration and memory
  • Greater impatience and irritability
  • Loss of interest and pleasure in activities that you previously enjoyed
  • Becoming reclusive
  • Thoughts of suicide or harming yourself

With depression, greater apathy for longer periods of time can prevail and you may begin to experience physical symptoms such as headaches, loss of energy, difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much, loss of appetite, overeating, lowered libido, and increased physical pain such as back pain and stomach distress as well as increased heart rate and blood pressure. It doesn’t have to be this way! Consider engaging in a 48-Hour Makeover!

Whether you are sad or experiencing depression, help is available. Assistance through an empathic listener who can hear and understand your pain while providing emotional support can be the first step to relieving your sadness. Skills directly designed to lower feelings of sadness and restore hope and empowerment are easy to learn. You learn to shift away from perceptions that exacerbate feelings of loss of control and powerless and move toward new ways to reframe your feelings with different meanings that can lead to enhanced feelings of empowerment and action. This reframing also helps to recognize that your crises and challenges are temporary; your life doesn’t have to be this chaotic, stressful, and unpredictable. It is as simple as learning how to take charge of what you can control.

You’re not weak or defective – you haven’t been taught the blueprint of how to more effectively and quickly manage your feelings and more adeptly handle difficult situations Sometimes, you are your own worst enemy, keeping yourself trapped in a series of circular questions that your brain cannot answer such as:

  • Why is this happening to me?
  • What’s wrong with me?
  • Will I always feel stuck and miserable?

During a 48-Hour Makeover, you can learn to quickly change and refine your thoughts and beliefs into more opportunistic ways of viewing your situation. You also learn to open yourself to creativity and actively taking steps to improve your life. Most importantly you feel more uplifted and secure in just how this ability to use these new skills transforms your personal growth.

You might feel conflicted that you “should” be strong and learn to pull yourself out of this emotional morass with no assistance. Instead of beating yourself up, realize that you only know what you know, which leads you to do little more than repeat old patterns of behavior. How refreshing would it be for you to have a mentor that could help you to have a specific toolbox of skills when you find yourself cycling down?

Consider this: It is an act of kindness and love on your part to allow yourself to talk, to be heard and understood, and to create a game plan for success. What a shift away from feeling sad to instantly feel supported, cared for, more optimistic, and hope for the future. What a magical moment… to notice your energy and mood lighten as you discern more ways to stop yourself in your tracks as soon as you notice yourself starting to feel sad or depressed. Yes, you can be in charge of your life! The choice is yours.

Dr. Mamiko Odegard has worked with thousands of individuals and couples; she can help you feel and be your best self. Call 480-391-1184 for a complimentary appointment to experience a unique jumpstart in making changes for the better. Remember, when you take action, you lift your spirits and energy, and consciously affirm you are already taking control of your life. Yes, you are already learning the art of Loving Yourself to Success!

Dr. Mamiko Odegard