Personal Inventory of Unhealthy Relationships

SeparationAnswer “YES” or “NO” to the following questions and reconnect with life’s lessons on having healthy, loving and committed relationships.

  1. Do you find yourself being attracted to partners who can’t seem to commit to you?
  1. Do you want the relationship more than your partner?
  1. Do you find that you put more effort into pleasing your partner?
  1. Is it hard for you to get thoughts of your partner out of your head?
  1. Are you finding it hard to trust your partner?
  1. Do you find you’re “checking up” on your partner?
  1. Do you try to manipulate or control your partner or does your partner do this to you?
  1. Do you or your partner get back at the other through “disguised anger” in which neither of you talks about real feelings of hurt, anger, and disappointment”
  1. Do you or your partner often hold in your feelings, only to explode over minor incidents?
  2. Do you or your partner disregard or minimize the other’s feelings and wishes?
  1. Are you or you partner becoming easily irritated and you fueling more arguments?
  1. Do your arguments center on not being prioritized?
  1. Do you look to your partner for self worth and identity?
  1. Do you focus on the past?
  1. Do you worry about your future with your partner?
  2. Are you overcritical of yourself, your partner and others around you?
  3. Do you or your partner blame each other for actions or undesirable results?
  1. You don’t feel your partner “has your back,” or isn’t there to support you.
  1. Are only a small number of your needs met?
  1. Do your close friends and family warn you about your partner?
  1. Have you become bored with your partner and have a lifeless relationship?
  1. You know you’re “settling.”
  1. Do you feel trapped?
  1. Are you finding it harder to trust your feelings?
  1. Do you or your partner press to eliminate or minimize the time away from friends and family?
  1. Are you afraid of your partner?
  1. Has you partner physically or emotionally abused you?
  1. Do you or your partner find yourselves raging when angry (yelling, losing emotional control)?
  1. Have your arguments resulted in physical violence?
  1. Do you or your partner follow rigid guidelines of what is the right behavior?
  1. You experience little physical affection.
  1. You experience little emotional closeness.
  1. Do you feel that you can’t be yourself around your partner?
  1. Your partner shows little respect for your thoughts and feelings.
  1. Do you have too much or too little sex.
  1. Do you or your partner lack “physical boundaries” where there is violation of personal space of getting too close, being unaware or discarding your own or your partner’s physical needs, rules, or guidelines such as allowing a stranger to get too close physically, inappropriate sexual touch rather than warm embrace or handshake?
  1. Do you or your partner lack “emotional boundaries” in which neither of you are able to establish and stick to healthy guidelines or rules of behaviors such as inability to say “no” or vacillate back and forth about how you think, feel, or act?
  1. Do you have difficulty knowing or separating your feelings from your partner?
  1. Do you take responsibility for your partner’s feelings or actions?
  1. Do you undertake action that goes against your moral or spiritual compass?

I hope you found these questions thought provoking, and while your mind is focused on how these red flags might apply to you, as a special gift, I would like to invite you to join me in an Introductory Discovery Consultation where you can ask me anything you like. We can also zero in on your goals and the ways you can achieve them.

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