Overcoming Self Sabotage 
How to Jumpstart Yourself for Love, Happiness and Financial Success

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Self-help, personal growth, self-esteem… each is something we seek on our journey through life. Another stellar book by the leading authority on love, relationships, and high performance finds its way to readers who want to better manage the way they deal with shame, depression, anger, social anxiety, affairs of the heart, love-less marriages, poverty mindset, emotional eating, and career performance. With over 30 years of experience as a professional life and business coach, psychologist, individual and couples therapist, and seminar leader, Mamiko Odegard, PhD, provides practical and proven methods to overcome self-sabotage and transform common self-defeating behaviors. Are you ready to skyrocket your potential and achieve a level of success you’ve never thought possible? In a book sure to become a bestseller, Overcoming Self-Sabotage: How to Jumpstart Your Love, Happiness and Financial Success, Dr. Odegard helps you recognize one key reality: the answers are already inside—you just have not yet learned the framework of transformation. If you are struggling to develop healthy habits and make rapid improvements in yourself—your health, mindset, and even relationships, then Overcoming Self-Sabotage is the book for you, and Dr. Mamiko Odegard is precisely the mentor you have been looking for! In these pages you will learn how to rid yourself of the negative mindset that has for far too long blocked you from the love, happiness and financial success you so richly deserve. You may well find this one of the most detailed overviews of self-sabotaging behavior you have yet to read. Mamiko’s heart-warming empathic tales of success explode her theory that, “Moment by moment, people have the privilege and ability to make a choice to engage in either a self-sabotaging or self-enhancing behavior. Learning to tap into this power is the guide to freedom from inappropriate or crippling behaviors that sabotage our success.”

Dr. Mamiko Odegard is a master at wielding a sharp edge that cuts deep in myriad ways that self-sabotage interferes with the dreams to which we are all entitled!

Her passion is to pull back the curtain on “the enemy within” and help us recognize the reality that at times we all get in our own way and it is when the behavior is regularly repeated that self-sabotage surfaces as a misguided journey to rescue ourselves from certain unwanted feelings.

You might see self-sabotage in evidence when one part of who you are – conflicts with who you would rather be – and you engage in self-defeating behaviors, which spiral you down the wrong path. The unfortunate aspect of self-sabotage is how subtle it is and how behaviors are insidious because they are not necessarily associated with a particular negative behavior. It is in the real-life stories found in her book where you can identify with and come to understand the ingrained beliefs, patterns of thought, and behaviors that cause pain and self defeat. These case studies also serve to heighten awareness of actions and processes that reconnect people with their values, goals and dreams. In the pages of Overcoming Self Sabotage: How to Jumpstart Yourself for Love, Happiness and Financial Success, you can identify ways in which self-sabotage occurs: trying to escape intense painful feelings. fooling yourself in the moment-by-moment choices you make, and striving for perfection.

You will be immersed in the different stories to which you can easily relate, and become empowered to learn self-sabotage is never a single “act” about which you might feel shame and guilt. It is, as Dr. Odegard so skillfully exposes, a complex and often destructive “process” that pits people against their impulses and thoughts. When the issue is not identified, the progression adds yet another layer: top loading previous mistakes with increasingly bad decisions. Effectively, what this expert on self-sabotage accomplishes in this empowering book is provide you a blueprint of hope and a compelling reason to “Get your success on!” A proven path allowing you to explore a life outside self-sabotage, learn to observe your life patterns, and come face-to-face with an unconscious condition that can be shifted, managed and controlled. A refreshing and helpful book, complete with guides to change, the book is highly recommended for anyone who wants to better understand how self-sabotage is hurting him/her and to grow to one’s best self. It is a true gift.