Never Give up – a Philanthropist’s dream

Mamiko Odegard enjoys the benefits of being a local philanthropistIn 2007, Jimmy Walker founded a program for the homeless at St. Vincent de Paul in Phoenix called Never Give Up. The outreach is held every Monday morning and attracts approximately 500-600 homeless men and women. Being a philanthropist and being part of making a significant difference in a community is one of the most fulfilling aspects of my life. I am proud to participate in this program.

You see, in my three-plus decades of helping people become the best version of themselves, I have often seen how volunteerism and doing for others provides positive value to the volunteer. Being of service to others impacts self-esteem, enhances skills and capabilities, expands career paths, and provides healthy physical and mental outlet. Having an opportunity to see others in need also establishes a greater depth of gratitude.

My heart was filled when my friend sang boldly and beautifully before my presentation.

The purpose of the meetings is to provide weekly encouragement to numerous homeless people in attendance. Some of the speakers at the meetings have included Muhammad and Lonnie Ali, Governor Jan Brewer, Dwayne Wade, Danica Patrick, Jerry Colangelo, Doc Rivers, Norm McClelland, Lute Olson, Reggie Jackson, Dr. Robert Spetzer, Harvey Mackay, Meadowlark Lemon, Foster Friess, Phil Francis, John Graham, Mike Manning, Bryce Molder, Ed Robson, Dr. Jeff Trent, Jim Riggs, Melani Walton, Al Molina, Larry Fitzgerald, Tom Shrader, Leo Beus, Shane Doan, Anquan Boldin, Alvin Gentry, Linda Hunt, Ken Whisenhunt, Eric Crown, Roy Vallee, Pat McMahon, Brenda Warner, Steve Wheeler, Herb Sendek, Sharon Lechter, Tara Hitchcock, Jerry Hirsch, Don Henninger, John Bebbling, Tom Van Arsdale, Ken Lamneck, Mike Gallagher, Ralph Sampson, etc.

Each guest speaker shares personal experiences about hard times they’ve gone through, struggles they’ve had, times when things did not work out right, and how they Never Gave Up.