Overcoming Self Sabotage Checklist

Are you ready to UNLEASH the POWER in YOU?

As a new year begins and you consider what you would like to experience in the coming year, your focus may shift from what you are doing to what you would like to have happen! What a perfect way to ring in 2018 – by deciding now, and engaging in activities that will prepare you to be a NEW YOU in the NEW YEAR!

What if your goal is to become irresistible, invincible, and iconic?

The key steps you may need to take are to discover how to overcome self-sabotage and to better position yourself to claim the love, happiness and financial success you desire… and deserve.

However, before you can take those steps, it is critically important you know the signs of self-sabotage so that you can begin to claim your greatness. My passion is to encourage positive transformation and change and provide the tools to do so – quickly.

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You are ready to take your first step to become irresistible, invincible, and iconic!

Mamiko Odegard, PhD