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Dr. Odegard presents at ASU to FUSC Chinese Coaches

Speaking to the top 100 FUSC (Federation University Sports China) Coaches

Mamiko Odegard Presents to Chinese Coaches





November 7, 2016
ASU FUSC Presentation


Such a thrill and honor presenting at ASU to the FUSC top university coaches from China. Complete with an interpreter and a powerpoint in both English and Chinese!
The coaches and I laughed and had fun at this Global Educational Event.

Unique Coaching Experience!

Mamiko Odegard, Chinese Coaches, American ChristmasSome of the top Chinese university coaches in basketball, swimming, and track – and their five interpreters came to our home yesterday for a BBQ feast!  After our meal, they set up the first Christmas trees they have ever seen and decorated them… working efficiently and quickly as a team. They beamed with joy and pride to help me and to celebrate and early Christmas!

Mamiko Odegard, Unique Coaching Experience, Chinese CoachesSome more of the coaches and me at our home yesterday!

Fabulous group…
Truly memorable time!

Mamiko Odegard Discusses Self-Sabotage on Magnificent Leader Radio Show

Mamiko no White BackgroundTuesday, June 28, Dr. Mamiko Odegard as a guest on the Magnificent Leader Show shares her expertise about Self-Sabotage…

In Series 2 of 2  on Self-Sabotage, she will discuss Sabotaging Your Brilliance and Worth – regarding Relationships and Performance

What is Magnificent Leader Radio?

During its fun and engaging interviews, the hosts tap into the uniqueness of its guests, exploring the art and science of leadership. The interview approach is unique from most as the show provide its guests the time to really connect with listeners in an intimate fashion. You can liken it to having an in-depth conversation about pertinent issues over the fence with your neighbors while drinking a warm cup of coffee, sharing nuggets of truth along with practical information and tips relevant today.

Who IS The Magnificent Leader?


Self Discovery Radio: Dr Mamiko On Daily Love Affermations


Aired from February 10th on Positive living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest Mamiko Odegard, PhD. 

Love is in the Air, but how do keep love alive all year long, year after year?

Dr. Mamiko Odegard, known as the love, relationship and performance expert, has helped thousands of individuals and couples become happy, loving, and enjoying success with her over 30 years experience as a coach, psychologist, therapist, and seminar leader.

You will be inspired by Mamiko’s “practice what you preach” approach to loving and accepting yourself and others. As the best-selling author of Daily Affirmations for Love: 365 Days of Love in Thought and Action, she is happily married to Greg, the love of her life for over 40 years, and they have a daughter, Mariesa. Greg and Mamiko were also honored as the Couple of the Week on the Dr. Laura Berman Show, Oprah Radio. She is also Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide Life Coach for 2102.

11692561_10153478823134446_3808916388702475223_nMamiko is also the coauthor of several books including: Journey to your Vision, Miracles, Momentum, and Manifestation, The Insider’s Secrets to a Great Relationship, and The Power of Letting Go.

Dr. Mamiko is the emotional wellness expert for Vita Journal for Trivita Wellness and the relationship featured writer for Smartfem Magazine. As you can see, Dr. Mamiko is the go to love expert for deepening love and relationships as well as her specialty of helping singles find and keep their soul mate.

Offering life-changing insights and tools for immediate change, Mamiko’s trademark has become her ability to quickly gain amazing results in days and weeks not months or years! Her 48 Hour Love Makeover can turn a ho-hum relationship that sizzles with passionate, intimacy, vitality, trust, fun and recapturing love or jumpstart manifesting love for singles.

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Perfect Day Foundation

My deepest desire is for all persons to experience the joys, fulfillment, and peace that can happen when you find total love within yourself and are able to share that affection with others. Passionate about my work, I maintain a private coaching practice in Scottsdale, AZ.

Philanthropic at heart, I also asPerfect Day Foundation, Mamiko Odegardsist the founder of an international charitable foundation, The Perfect Day.

The Perfect Day Foundation was established in 2006 to ensure the friendships formed on the sports fields of Zambia will develop to benefit further generations of sports people, both in Zambia and the UK.

Athletic competition clearly defines the unique power of our attitude.
~ Bart Starr

The Foundation relies on the input and enthusiasm of the people to whom Sport in Action means something, so please get in touch, share your memories and tell us how you’re getting on.

Friendships born on the field of athletic strife are the real gold of competition. Awards become corroded, friends gather no dust.
~ Jesse Owens

Sport is a powerful tool: we hope the Perfect Day Foundation can build on our shared experiences to support the invaluable leadership and life skills that are developed on sports fields every day.

Emmitt Smith has run past legends, danced with stars and posed for the sculptor crafting his Hall of Fame bust.
He’s built upon his athletic talents by working hard, seizing opportunities and reaching out to others for advice when he needed it.

~ Don Yaeger


Can your relationship after an affair ever truly be resolved with love and passion restored?  When you and your partner’s true intentions and conscious loving actions are demonstrated, hope can turn into lasting love, passion, and fidelity in your relationship.

In many cases, when the relationship is toxic with repeated violations of broken promises and irreparable mistrust, the healthy choice and often the best choice is to end the relationship.  However, having worked with thousands of individuals and couples, positive changes are indeed possible.

relationships2The secrets of recovering from an affair:

  • Essential communication and support. As soon as you find out that your partner has cheated on you, you are overcome with intense emotions:  Confusion, questioning your own femininity and desirability, and second-guessing yourself and your partner, which leads to even more hurt.  Openly communicate your pain.  Your partner’s job is to listen and to show you understand, caring and compassion.
  • Being honest. When your partner catches you in the act or asks you questions about the affair, answer questions honestly and thoroughly.  This can help both the hurting partner and the partner who stepped outside the relationship.  Nothing gets resolved by hiding or denying what has happened.
  • Understand why the affair occurred. It’s important that each of you understand how and why the infidelity occurred.  Did it start out innocently in confiding with a co-worker or did opportunities simply arise when the two of you were able to travel alone together?  Perhaps, one or both of you were becoming bored with your relationship or that you didn’t feel prioritized by the other?
  • Avoid blaming your partner. Have you ever witnessed blaming to be an effective technique for building closeness and intimacy?  The answer is a resounding “NO!”  Blaming fuels the hurt and anger and your partner may justify becoming angry and defensive.
  • Take responsibility for your part in the relationship. Your partner who committed the transgression must fully tale responsibility for his actions. You must also be willing to acknowledge your contributions to the problems in the relationship.
  • Be willing to change. Rather than simply waiting for your partner to change his feelings and behaviors towards you, it’s critical that you also change, thereby affecting your partner.
  • Be willing to apologize. This is the necessary precursor to forgiving yourself and/or your partner to allow you to become closer.
  • Be willing to let go and forgive. Forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting.  Rather you exercise the choice to forgive, which is a gift for you and for your man.

As long as love, respect, and commitment to each other are still intact, your relationship can survive and even thrive after an affair.  It takes cooperation, patience, forgiveness, and learning from the past to make the necessary changes to allow your love to bloom again.

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The Art of Connecting – YOU3™

Throughout our lives we have experiences in three distinctly different types of love and relationships, which I call YOU3:

  • Relationship with Ourselves
  • Relationship with Others (family, friends, and co-workers)
  • Relationship with Our Love Partner

ACT on Love™

The relatioIMG_0561nship with ourselves is the most sacred, serving as the foundation for how well we treat ourselves and others. If we are critical towards ourselves, we are also judgmental and harsh with others, especially those closest to us. The concept of ACT on Love™ encourages us to act now to show love to ourselves and others. By accepting and loving ourselves first, we enhance all other relationships and build immediate and lasting connections.

As a former psychologist, individual and couples therapist, and now as a love, relationship, and performance expert, I have worked with many of you who wanted to feel more secure about yourself and be more comfortable and enjoy deeper relationships with others, as well as knowing the skills to retain the passion and bliss of fresh loving relationships. By starting with yourself first to become your best version, you actually become irresistible in attracting individuals to you romantically, socially, professionally, and personally. Yes, we find ourselves being attracted to those whom we view as happy, confident, fun, warm, thoughtful, a good listener, able to sense and understand what we’re feeling and experiencing. These desirable qualities stem from feeling good about you, which is reflected in everything you do and say. Self-confidence equates to self-love, that warm, acceptance and nurturing you practice on yourself, leading you to heightened performance in your careers, in building relationships with others, and in the ways you show up in your roles and behaviors as an inspiring lover, partner, and parent.

Be the First

If you want someone to listen and understand your feelings, be the first one to listen, ask questions, and demonstrate that you hear the other’s emotions and the reasons behind them. If you want more love, be the first to show love in different ways such as compliments and recognition, by physical touching with hugs, holding hands, snuggling together, or massaging the back or feet. You create memorable experiences and a closer bonding when you use Conscious lovingin your words and actions.

Discover Others…

A friend of mine, Larry Benet, is known as the “Connector.” He encourages us to really tap into what a person is about-not just finding out one’s occupation, but what that person does for fun, and how he can help with another’s passions or success with current projects. Larry, like others, has learned the concept “give to get,” meaning whatever we want, give it to another first, and that gift of what we desire comes back to us.

One way to quickly connect is to have laughter and fun. Think of the best times you have experienced? What were you doing then? Many times it is engaging in fun, zany, lighthearted physical activities or it could be moments when you felt most loved and connected… and even thinking about those situations where you felt the most love will often bring a smile as you remember the closeness, affection, words and gestures. You can create these special moments now with anyone.

Many people have come to me because they wanted to have a smoother, closer relationship with a co-worker, teammate, friend, family, and of course a significant love partner. Even though the other party didn’t participate in coaching, relationships dramatically changed for the better, because the individual who became the best version of himself or herself, impacted all others and how others responded to them. When you are in a place of love where you fully accept and love yourself, you have the power to be a magnet for positive people and experiences.

Dr. Mamiko Odegard, a premier life coach and founder of ACT On Love is the author of Daily Affirmations for Love: 365 Days of Love in Thought and Action. She will quickly show you how to make changes in your life and your relationships through her customized 1:1 Individual and Couples Coaching, VIP Intensive Retreats and Concierge Programs. Start better connections now with all the people in your life, by calling 480-391-1184 for your personal consultation with Mamiko.

YOU3™: The Secret to Success in Love, Life, and Career

Team winning at bowlingDo you ever wish you had the formula for:

  • Attracting and maintaining deep relationships?
  • Being loved and cherished with a partner who is in love with you, adores you, remains passionate through the years with you and you likewise, are crazy in love with your lover?
  • Rising to the top of your career in business, in athletics, or in any area for your pursuit of happiness?

It’s easier than you think when you recognize and develop YOU3™. You actually have three types of relationships. Each one affects the other and you must maintain a balance, a synergy, if you will. When one part becomes misaligned, you experience a loss of focus in your performance and passion. Instead you are filled with self-doubt, insecurities, anxiety, sadness, mistrust, criticalness, jealousy, obsessions, impatience, judgment, and self-destructive behaviors.

So what exactly is YOU3™?

  • YOU1: The relationship with yourself. This relation is the core of esteem and success. This is the part of you that you can directly control through the choices you make in your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and actions. Thus, the first YOU is the most sacred. When you honor your thoughts and feelings and act in the highest good, your byproduct is greater success in all areas of your life that is important to you. In order for you to practice “conscious loving™” you must develop your highest and best self. This means that you learn and consistently practice accepting, loving, and nurturing yourself. How many of you are really taught that in your home? Most grow up in families where the parents did the best they could, but your own parents often didn’t know how to love themselves or to show you love. You might have ended up feeling unimportant, unworthy, and not living up to their standards…and now you’ve inherited their legacy.Imagine what it would be like that no matter your experiences and where you started from, you could have a fresh nurturing and loving relationship with yourself. No more criticizing and second-guessing yourself about how you feel, what you did, or what you said to someone else. Instead you are filled with compassion for yourself to allow you to treat yourself tenderly and foster amazing results in the ways you show up in every area of your life.
  • YOU2: The relationship with others. This includes family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, and teammates. The quality of the relationships you have with these people in your circle of influence can impact you on a daily basis. If you are not secure within yourself, then you can easily feel threatened, jealous, mistrusting, and sabotage yours and others’ successes. For instance, have you ever known someone who seemed to be brilliant and talented that innately skills and decisions seemed to come so easily, efficiently, and produced astounding results? You might then become secretive, withholding valuable information so this star performer wouldn’t look so shiny. If you were the supervisor for this person, you might feel so threatened that you would be afraid this person would take over your position. Therefore, you criticize unnecessarily and assign this person the junk tasks. Even worse, do you take credit when your subordinate is the one that actually made you look good? The whole organization or team suffers because you are not mentoring and not utilizing the greatest skills and resources. The final performance, the outcome gets “dumbed down,” leading to your brightest stars to leave.Wouldn’t you like to know exactly how you’d change your thoughts, feelings, and responses to others? Do you want to reveal and clarify your hidden beliefs and stumbling blocks that prevent you for achieving what you dream of? It’s not just about you and your relationship with yourself! It’s about the ways you relate effectively with others in loving, respectful, deeper communication and actions.
  • YOU3: The relationship with a special loving partner. Again, most don’t have role models of a truly deep, loving, and intimate relationship. This is not about sex. Instead it is about trusting your partner and feeling so comfortable that not only can you give and receive affection, but you can be yourself. It’s about letting your partner see into the deepest parts of you such as thoughts and feelings when you might be stressed or afraid, or even being angry with your mate. Conversely, it is about being vulnerable enough to proclaim and openly display how close and in love you are with another.Have you ever fantasized what life would be like with your perfect soul mate? You can feel your energies rising and feeling hopeful when you think about meeting “the one” or what life was like for you when you were dating, starting to fall in love, or even when you said “I do.” Even if your relationship has gone stale with little affection, lackluster superficial verbal and physical interactions, you can quickly turn your relationships around in a matter of days and weeks when you know the secrets of YOU3™.If you’re single, looking for a quality partner or you find yourself “settling” for mates that keep you unbalanced with lack of emotional and physical commitment and distance. If you find your partner seems to bring our the worst in you, the power of YOU3™ can help not only strengthen your core of self confidence, worthiness, and love, but teach you actual skills to bring the best in your relationship with specific tools to reboot your relationship to a fresh new beginning in letting go of anger, resentment, hurt, and keys to forgiving and turning on massive passion, love, and intimacy.

You’ve heard the saying “behind every good man is a woman.” Success does start at home! Success begins when you recognize, claim, and embrace your greatness. This doesn’t mean you have to be perfect…that completely unreachable. Instead it means that you learn to accept the totality of who you are with your flaws and weaknesses as well as your uniqueness and stress. There is a warrior inside all, regardless of male or female that wants to take control and feel powerful over your own life. You can do it when you accept your worthiness, your greatness. Indeed you are EXTRAordinary! No one in this world is exactly like you; not even identical twins. You each have your own personalities, differences in the way you handle situations, the way you communicate, and the differences in the ways you relate to yourself and others in your life. No matter your skill set, no matter your background, it’s not where you started or came from. Rather it is where you are right now and your capacity to grow and become your own MVP, to yourself, others, and to your special intimate loved one.

ACT on Love now™ and let’s start your journey to greatness.

Call me at (480) 391-1184 to schedule a complimentary discovery consultation or email me at with your PHONE NUMBER and best times to reach you.



Spring brings a renewed focus on love and marriage. You can become more frustrated, irritated, and sad if you’re single without a significant partner. If you’re single, do you find yourself longing for a partner to “make your dreams come true?” For those of you who are coupled, you can boost your love, intimacy, and passion to experience exhilarating love 365 days a year.

Here are 5 strategies to help you jump-start your love today and every day to enjoy your ultimate relationship with yourself and that special romantic person.

1. Celebrate the EXTRAordinary™ you!

First acknowledge and show yourself love by romancing yourself. Do you indulge on that long awaited gift or a day at the spa? Do you ever write a love note to yourself? Perhaps, you just need that long luxurious nap to recharge or a massage to feed your skin’s need for touch. Today take the time to:

  • Put yourself first, knowing how important you are in meeting your own needs and wants.
  • List the qualities you like and admire about yourself to remind you how loved you are to yourself and others.
  • Afterwards, write a love letter to yourself that you are cherished.
  • Take out the “love note” anytime you want to feel more uniquely loved.

When you feel this way and ACT on Love™, you automatically raise your energy and level of attraction. Not only that, you find yourself happier as you are taking charge of meeting your own needs rather than demanding or wishing that from a partner.

2. Tell and show whomever you love, how special he or she is.

Love is a verb and can be shown in action through words and gestures. Each day let the people around you know how are important they are to you through recognition, compliments, appreciation of their unique qualities and efforts, giving simple gifts that can be made or bought, touching through hugs, kisses, or a shoulder rub, spending time to laugh, talk, and connect through activities, and spontaneously doing thoughtful tasks that eases the day for the lucky recipient. Don’t just save these loving gestures for special occasions, demonstrate these acts of love multiple times daily in various ways.

3. Take charge of your life – Give your partner what you desire!

Think of being in a relationship and how you would want to be treated by your lover. Whatever it is that you desire, practice the law of reciprocity with the idea of being the first to give. If you want your partner to be romantic, then don’t let him or her guess what that will look like and feel like for you. Instead create the romantic day or evening exactly the way you would like to experience it. If you want more physical contact, then touch your partner in various ways both sexual and nonsexual. If you want more compliments and acknowledgements, be direct and express your needs and be the model of what you’d like to receive. Whining, nagging and pressuring don’t work. Remember you are manifesting being irresistible!

4. Make a list of why this special person in your life is so cherished by you.
Keep warm feelings in your heart each and every day.
Keep this list handy to affirm how treasured your partner is to you and read this as a reminder of the many qualities you appreciate, love, and admire about this individual. Keep warm feelings in your heart each and every day. On those days when irritation and impatience get in the way of your loving your partner, the qualities you love about your beloved can help you to get back into conscious loving™ to get you back to a calmer state to view his actions or statements with a “loving eye,” to give him the benefit of doubt.

5. Start a list of gratitude and write 5 things that you are grateful for each day.
This practice brings your awareness to all the good in your life. Your gratitude might be about the beautiful sunrise that greeted you upon awakening, being able run or walk faster or longer, feeling the embrace of loved ones, hearing words of appreciation of how valued you are at work, school, or home, the sense of satisfaction and fulfillment of a completed task, or even the unconditional love that you might receive from your furry pet. As you begin to look for blessings in your day, you become happier with a greater sense of well being which radiates to all those around you…Shining your magnetic love to make you even more attractive to the universe, and especially to those fortunate enough to closely share your space.

I’d love to hear your success stories and personal strategies for upping your love with your special partner and others who are important in your life. Yes, you can take control of your life to ensure 365 days of love in thought and action!

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photo-Heart Shaped CloudDo you wish you had a magic wand in which you can awaken the love inside your partner and keep your love alive and vibrant? Your wish is my command and these following easy steps can quickly reinvigorate your love and passion. It starts with YOU, creating your best self by loving yourself and in giving to others what you want.

  1. Love yourself. When you love yourself, you become irresistible to both men and women. Take conscious steps to accept and affirm YOU and avoid criticism and judgment. When you can be tender to yourself, you can be gentle and more loving with others.
  1. Remember how you met and what attracted you to each other. Tell your partner the special qualities that piqued your interest to want to know him more or her.
  1. Think back and discuss when you each knew that you were meant for each other. What was it about your partner that was so endearing that you wanted to marry or have a deeper committed relationship together? Think about the special endearing terms you used to call and describe your sweetheart and use them now.
  1. Create your own wedding vows: Vow to tell each other a compliment, acknowledgment, or gratitude each day. Start each day with some variation of “I love you.”
  1. Write down what you like, respect, admire, and love about each other. Keep this in a special place so that you and your partner can admire and be reminded of your affection for each other.
  1. When you have disagreements, promise to discuss and work out a mutually agreeable outcome. Compromise and strive to create win-win scenarios for each of you.
  1. Hug, kiss, snuggle, and touch each other physically each day. Act like a puppy that is at long last reunited with his owner at the end of he day; that’s

exactly how you want to act and feel.

  1. Give a gift of love. This can be something that is made or bought. A note of love, a poem, a bouquet of flowers, homemade cookies are all considered gifts of love.
  1. Spontaneously perform acts of love and kindness that help your partner. Taking out the garbage, helping to care for the home and yard, and taking a favorite beverage to your partner are all ACTions that help make life and everyday functions easier.
  1. Add a romantic twist. When in search of new ideas to get your juices and mojo going, go to the library or bookstore and check out books suggesting ways to enliven romance, create intrigue, and seduce your partner.
  1. Have fun…Plan an event or ACTivity to look forward to daily. Laugh and smile together daily. These can be simple activities ranging from reading together, relaxing on the patio after dinner, watching a sunrise or sunset and making out, playing board games, and exercising or taking a class together. The more you can smile and laugh, the more it stimulates fun and love.
  1. Remember LOVE IS A VERB! The more you can ACT on Love, the more love grows and deepens creating that circle of affection and passion.

These twelve proven strategies for growing and keeping love have been personally tested by my husband and me in our over 40 years of marriage plus my work with couples throughout my career as a coach, psychologist, and individual and couples therapist. When you feel EXTRAordinary and you show your partner that he or she is EXTRAordinary, you’ll find amazing and ultimate love. I’d love to know your strategies for creating and keeping forever love.